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Bryant Inventory Services Ltd offers the following solutions to our clients. They are comprehensive and can be tailored to your required needs.


·         Full Inventory

The Inventory is an essential document which provides a detailed description of the condition of the property and should be updated prior to each new tenancy. Bryant Inventory Services will compile an Inventory that details the property, fixtures and fittings and describes their condition. All properties should have a current Inventory compiled, whether furnished, part-furnished or unfurnished.


·          Check-In


At the beginning of the tenancy, Bryant Inventory Services will conduct a check-in with the tenant. A Check-in document is completed, which covers the keys handed over to the tenant, the meter readings and the cleanliness of the property. 


·          Check-Out

At the end of the tenancy, Bryant Inventory Services will complete a Check-Out report which will detail any changes that may have occurred during the tenancy. We use our training and experience to make judgements on the variations, as to whether compensation, wear and tear, cleaning charges etc. can be applied. A Check-Out document is also completed giving details of condition, number of keys returned and final utility meter readings.